Hi Dale,

Just a quick note to thank you for the custom seat for my BMW Adventure bike.  Not only does the seat look great but the comfort is fantastic.  The day after I picked up the bike my wife and I went to Jackson Hole and back in 2 days and I was amazed at how comfortable I was even at the end of the trip.  My wife didn’t even get off for rest stops her seat was so comfortable.  “Alot better than the Harley” were her words, and that’s saying something.  Anyway, the design is beautiful and unique.

Thanks for the quality work.

Ed Clissold



  1. Hi Dale,

    Just wanted to thank you for your suggestion to “custom fit” my Harley seat to better accommodate my size (a bit vertically challenged :) ). Not only is the seat more comfortable with no more lower back discomfort on longer rides, but it totally changed the feel of my ride. By shifting me closer to the front of the seat I feel more balanced and in control of my bike. Hard to imagine that shifting forward a couple of inches could make such a difference! Thanks to your talent in shaping my seat, I can now touch the ground flat footed, and ride with a lot more confidence !

    Now that we have the seat fitted, cant wait for you to work your magic in customizing my ride !

    Thanks for the great job !


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