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I just recieved this email and thought I would share. This is a car I finished that I went above and beyond upholstery. Its a very nice pat on the back or attaboy. :D
check out the the 2 links at the bottom.
Dale Hancock

On Sun, Feb 19, 2012 at 9:41 AM, Gary Lindstrom wrote:

The last step in my XK140 DHC restoration is completed — installing the top pin beading.

I chose the ”embed machine screws and affix with nuts” option on the rear quarter strips, which are the trickiest.

It’s not the simplest solution, but in the end is rock solid. For details see two Jag Lovers posts:



Hi Dale,

Just a quick note to thank you for the custom seat for my BMW Adventure bike.  Not only does the seat look great but the comfort is fantastic.  The day after I picked up the bike my wife and I went to Jackson Hole and back in 2 days and I was amazed at how comfortable I was even at the end of the trip.  My wife didn’t even get off for rest stops her seat was so comfortable.  “Alot better than the Harley” were her words, and that’s saying something.  Anyway, the design is beautiful and unique.

Thanks for the quality work.

Ed Clissold


Pioneer Float

A fast paced slide show of Dale and company volunteering to build a Pioneer themed float for the 24th of July Pioneer day Parade.


Commercial upholstery


Dale Hancock Upholstery restaurant seating Utah Marley's

This is the type of upholstery work offered to businesses. Examples would be restaurant seating consisting of booth seats, dining room chairs, bar stools, etc. Also churches, including but not limited to pews and chairs for the congregation, hospitals and clinics consisting of medical tables, chiropractic tables, dental chairs, etc. Also common to this type of upholstery would be lobby and waiting-area seating. Upholstered walls are found in some retail premises.

Dale Hancock Upholstery restaurant seating Utah




I Built and upholstered the booth for both Marley’s Gourmet burger restaurants, thats me installing them.